Bohm Dialogue (II)

by Thomas Klug, June 2023 Germany,

Bohm Dialogue is a specific form of conversation that tries to help participants to deeply understand the different positions that are in the room.
It is less about convincing but more about understanding and by this overcoming fragmentation of positions and perspectives.

Dialogue helps participants to observe their own thinking and the thinking of the others. This can lead to questioning your own mental models and developing your consciousness.

As one precondition for being prepared doing this, you need a safe space for opening up and saying things that could make you vulnerable. If that is possible you are really speaking from your heart which will help to have a generative conversation. Then you are not talking from your specific role in an organisation but you are speaking as a human being from heart to heart.

You can find a longer article on Bohmian Dialogue by Thomas via this link.

Thomas Klug, Duitsland: ervaren dialoogbegeleider, actief met Cogitamus in bedrijfsleven om daar meer dialoog te brengen, richtte in 2017 de Dialogakademie in Duitsland op met twee anderen, combineert dialoog met Theory U.